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    We are a small, home-based aviary located in Northern IN, between S. Bend and Ft. Wayne and pride ourselves in raising well-socialized, sweet Hyacinth Macaws.  Our macaws are on a fruit, nuts, vegetable & carb diet along with their staple of Hagen Lifetime Sticks as their pellet.   The babies start the day with baked sweet potatoes, natural applesauce (unsweetened), Goldn Oble's soaked, slice of "cutie" orange, slice of pepper, along with a good carb. i.e., orzo noodles cooked with hot pepper flakes and a portion of cooked fresh egg yolk; this teaches babies to start exploring safe foods.  They then move on to a mix I get from www.nuts.com (human food) which is the tropical fruit mix, it also has nutmeats and their deluxe nut mix, which includes macadamias.  They have no nuts with shells for a very long time, they can puncture and injure a young Hyacinth.  I raise babies on Kaytee Exact, High Fat Macaw formula with Smucker's organic peanut butter (other brands contian sugar and/or salt).

    Our babies are abundance weaned and never, ever forced to wean.  A baby is ready for his or her new home when they decide to eat well on their own and require no more hand feeding; this makes for a well-balanced, confident macaw.  A hyacinth takes approximately 9-12 months before they wean, nothing is rushed, they mature very slowly and are a super intelligent macaw.

    Our babies are well-socialized and used to being loved and played with by many, including my 83 year old mother, our Cavaliers and Mastiff, so they're used to commotion and motion all around them, and our 1.5 year old granddaughter, Bug, which greatly aids in their social skills.

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